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International Programmes at Knutsford

The Knutsford School of Science and Technology gives students the world-class education in science and technology savvy to successfully compete in an increasingly international marketplace through its many study abroad programmes. Degree programmes that incorporate study abroad include the

Software Programming, Software Design and Development, Databases and Database Management, Data Networks and Communication, Operating Systems, Computer Security, Computer Graphics, Artificial Intelligence and Design Science Research, which offers comprehensive real-world learning both in the classroom and online in countries across Africa.

Students in all programmes have the opportunity to study for a week or more abroad for course credit at one of our prestigious partner universities.

The office is essentially responsible for implementing Internationalization Programmes; we seek to accomplish this goal through developing and managing international partnerships and collaborations with Schools and Institutions globally. The department mandated for the following areas: schools and institutions

Responsible for managing all scheduled visits from our international partner institutions and associations and student exchange programmes. Improving on the international image of Knutsford by identifying and maintaining contacts from across the globe regarding opportunities for international partnerships.

Collaborate with institutions in different parts of the world to identify and develop opportunities for partnership and cooperation.

Work with various departments of Knutsford Schools in developing their individual international partnerships.

The Knutsford University School has international collaborations and co-operations with the following schools and institutes;
1. 2. 3.

The office, together with its partners collaborate on the following:
Academic Programmes
Faculty Exchanges
Joint Research Projects
Exchange Students

Resources for Exchange Students

The Knutsford University Schools welcome visiting foreign exchange students from across the globe. We are committed to helping you achieve the most out of your study and ensuring a positive and valuable experience here at Knutsford.

Knutsford University's School has academic partnerships with top universities and schools around Africa and the world at large. Students from partner institutions who have been selected (nominated) to participate in the exchange are eligible to apply to any of our Knutsford Schools. Please consult with the International Office at your institution to determine your eligibility for this student exchange programme.

Once you have been selected (nominated) by your institution to participate in the student exchange programme, please complete and submit an online application form and accompanying documents. After the application has been accepted, you will receive an I-20 form (for visa acquisition only) for use in securing a student visa to Ghana.

How to Apply
Once you have been formally "nominated" by your home institution, you may apply for the Exchange Programme. Please complete the Incoming Exchange Student Application. If you are applying for the Double Degree programme (degree-seeking), please complete the Double Degree application options.

To apply for the Exchange Programme - complete the online registration and Incoming Exchange Student Application form. You will be charged an application fee. Please check your nomination acceptance letter provided by Knutsford University for instructions on how to apply.

Knutsford University is currently in collaboration with Science and Technology Schools, an accredited school to deliver BSc Computer Science and Information Technology. The programme is taught by academics from schools with the support of the Department's institution of Knutsford. Application for 2021 admission is currently ongoing.

Knutsford International Programmes Office
Knutsford University
Behind Mensvic Grand Hotel, Bamako Road
East Legon, Accra
P.O.Box AN 19480

Tel: +233 302 521610/11
Cell: +233 244 372072 / 269 604 253

Email: registrar@knutsford.university

Student Opportunities


Knutsford scholarship is available for Ghanaian students requiring financial aid. The award is based on financial need, academic merit and achievements.


Our Department of Science and Technology has a full-time faculty member serving as an internship coordinator for our students. We offer internships for academic credit and encourage students to take advantage of the wealth of internship opportunities.

Financial Assistance

Financial Aid

Financial aid is provided ‘as and when’ the aid is available.
Students would be informed of all available aid and of the criteria for accessing them. It is the student’s responsibility to apply for such aid. Financial aid provided by the college is strictly for tuition and is not refundable under any circumstance. Students may contact the Students Services Office for details.

Types of Financial Aid Programme

SSNIT Students Loan
Ghanaian students interested in study loans can access the SSNIT student loans provided by the Government of Ghana through SSNIT. Interested students may contact the Students Services Office for details.

Alumni Destinations

After the successful completion of our programme, our students go on to work with major companies and organizations, pursue graduate degrees, attend law school, or start their own entrepreneurial ventures.